Fallacies of Logic I’ve Heard in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling

Jon Strickland demonstrates a Gotch Toe Hold in Humboldt, Iowa, hometown of Frank Gotch

By Jon Strickland of American Hook Wrestling

1. The more people you train with the better you will be.
2. Letting go of a hold because the next one is always better.
3. Don’t ask "what if."
4. (Fill in the blank) is the best because I think he or it is.
5. Popularity must mean its good.

Now the answers:

1. Often I get these folks and they always lose to my 18 year old. He’s never crossed the highway much less left town.

2. Again this isn’t always the case. Often if you can’t get the submission with one hold, it’s often due to a true lack of understanding the hold. Once you let go now you start over again.
3. This is my pet peeve in combat arts. You'd better ask, "what if" because demonstration is very different than resistance against an actual resisting opponent. Flashy stuff works on fish, and usually dead fish.
4. Opinion is usually based on experience which is usually static in nature.
5. McDonald’s anyone?