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Qin Yunquan Wins Queen's Young Leader Award for Singapore

Congratulations to Ms Qin Yunquan for winning the Queen's Young Leader Award for 2017 for Singapore. This award recognises young outstanding individuals within the 53 nations under the Commonwealth. As the sole Award winner for Singapore in 2017, Yunquan has earned the recognition from Her Majesty the Queen of England for her social entrepreneurial work helping others stay safe through self Defence. Yunquan will be receiving the award personally from the Queen, together with other award winners from the other countries. 

"Thank you to my teacher/mentor, Master Teo Yew Chye for believing in me and guiding me all these years. Thank you my friends, students and family for supporting me all these years and making all these so worth while." Yunquan said regarding winning the award, "This award is a major encouragement to me and I will continue to serve the community, both locally and regionally, to keep as many people safe as possible. I will continue with my mission '…

Catch Wrestling Seminar Schedule for Remainder of 2016

On December 10, Jon Strickland will be joined by Curran Jacobs for a Catch Wrestling seminar in Beavercreek, Ohio at Dayton MMA Academy. Contact the gym directly by clicking here.

 Dr. Raul Ramirez will be doing a series of Catch Wrestling seminars in Singapore from December 28, until January 1 at Kapap Academy Singapore. Contact the gym directly by clicking here.