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We are featured on Takedown Wrestling TV: 7/5/16

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament Recap

HUMBOLDT, Iowa – Curran Jacobs of East Lansing, Michigan, and Shayna Baszler of Los Angeles were among the big winners Sunday, July 3, at the first ever Frank Gotch World Catch Championships held in the hometown of the legendary world champion from the early 1900s. A total of 21 wrestlers from various states and Canada participated. Jacobs won the 181-199-pound class when one competitor, Travis Warner (aka Newaza) failed to make weight and another wrestler withdrew at the last minute. However, Jacobs and Warner faced off in a special match at the end of the tournament. Both had won other major catch titles and this was a showdown that had been anticipated in the catch wrestling world for some time. Jacobs, a former star at Michigan State University, scored a takedown early in the bout after some serious sparring and worked Warner onto his back and held him tight for a pin at the 2:47 mark. Jacobs won the first CWA tournament in Los Angeles in 2104 and was presented with the Frank Gotch …

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament Results

Men's 220+ Division: 1st Chris Morales, 2nd Nicholas Caggia, 3rd James Bunn
Men's 200-219 Division: 1st Travis Wiuff, 2nd Ned Morales, 3rd Nick Badger
Men's 160-179 Division: 1st Anthony Pachek, 2nd Keanu Huete, 3rd Johnny Boyd
Men's 140-159 Division: 1st Matt Tran, 2nd Javier Garcia, 3rd Adam Laporte
Women's Open Weight Division: 1st Shayna Baszler, 2nd Laura Anderson, 3rd Drew Persson