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Billy Robinson on Training

For wrestling, many training methods may vary, there will be times when you have the opportunity to go to the gym every day, or as many times as you think is good for you personally in one week. Which is good, so long as you don’t squander your time? By this I mean when you start to train, don’t stop, in a no time limit wrestling match you have no time to rest until the match is over so don’t stop until your work-out is finished. Talking and socializing or joking is done after the work-out. 
Some of the greatest moments in my life were at the "Snake-Pit”, Billy Riley’s gym. After I had worked-out or sparred, or was just visiting watching others work-out. The talk of the old time greats, who were there to offer advice and recollect great moments of their careers and times and stories passed down by the wrestling greats before themselves.
Some Wigan coaches prefer a non stop work ethic while sparring. The great Joe Robinson and his brother Bob (Billy Joyce) (Bob I consider …

Catch Wrestling Alliance Announces the First Catch Wrestling Based Scholastic Wrestling Program!

The Catch Wrestling Alliance makes history again with the creation of the first Catch Wrestling based youth wrestling program in a public school. The program is part of the Emerson Sports Academy at Ralph Waldo Emerson Charter Middle School in West Los Angeles. The goal is to create scholar athletes in accordance with the Pyramid of Success created by legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. To be part of the program, children must maintain a grade point average above 3.0 in addition to doing extra school work.
The program is coached by Dr. Raul Ramirez main organizer of the Catch Wrestling Alliance. “We will focus on takedowns, rides, pins, escapes, reversals,” Dr. Ramirez explained. "With a Catch Wrestling base, a wrestler can easily transition to other styles of wrestling like folkstyle, freestyle and submission grappling. We will be giving them a competitive edge that will make them wrestling standouts."
Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, or Catch Wrestling is the base sty…


****** Over £1,000 of training seminars for FREE!! ******
Snake Pit Wigan is the home of Catch wrestling. Roy Wood is the Head coach and has dedicated his life to coaching wrestling. More recent years he has committed to reviving the original style of Catch.

Members are usually required to do online applications followed by interviews for selection for training. Why? Because coach Wood cares more for quality than quantity and wants dedicated athletes committed to preserving this incredible sport.
Every year we offer FREE places for Scholarship as we understand that there may be committed, focused and dedicated people who fit this criteria, who would love the opportunity but genuinely cannot afford to train. 
There is no catch to this offer... excuse the pun! 
The scholarship allows access to all sessions this year both GB seminars, international week and competition and is therefore giving over £1,000 of free training!
Roy Wood has coached for over 50 years.Some achievements include...Oly…

CWA Brings Catch Wrestling to Singapore