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Letter to Osamu Matsunami from Billy Robinson

Osamu Matsunami runs Riley's Gym Kyoto. Billy Robinson liked Osamu because he already knew catch from not only training with Roy Wood in Wigan, but from meeting the likes of Riley, Billy Joyce, etc. He knew moves, and could demonstrate when Billy Robinson asked, hence he was called on.

"Sam, here is an edited version of the same letter.  Print it out or translate it and put it on the gym wall.
Lets get back to Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, from Wigan, England. As to your gym  and coaching,  the main thing is to stress Basics. If you get in trouble or make a mistake, basics are the only thing that is going to help you escape. 
As Billy Riley always said, not just said, but pounded in the heads of all his great students.  If you can see a move or think of a move (or hold), its TOO LATE.
I used to have nightmares of his voice screaming at me "Do it again, Do it again." Natural strength and power, plus natural instincts are a great asset, however technique is the main …